Outdoor Adjuncts

The outdoor sports area of Timaru Town and Country Club are divided into 8 sections. Each section is especially designed to bring entertainment and fun to club members and guests. We are continuously improving our outdoor sports facilities to provide a more enjoyable time to everyone who visits us.


We hold a spring tournament in our Highfield Golf Club every year and all interested golfers are welcome to participate in it. Our sponsors always prepare an impressive line-up of prizes for all participants - club members or not. All throughout the year, we also organize visits to and from other clubs and a number of ‘in club’ events as well. However, only club members are invited to participate in these events.


    Our hockey section is a favourite among our members and guests because it is spacious and has competitive sections to accommodate both men and women teams.


    Our pigeon section showcases an impressive collection of different breeds of pigeon. We take good care of these birds not only because they add appeal to our country club but also because we want to promote an eco-friendly environment.

    Mens Outdoor Bowls

    We have an outdoor bowling section that is exclusively for the use of our male members. They can book the area and play with their colleagues there and have some male-bonding time. It’s an ideal way to spend time with your male buddies from time to time.


    This area is every soccer fanatic’s dream. Our soccer field is not only spacious and clean but also trimmed and ready for a soccer challenge at any time. We have also provided changing rooms and restrooms for the members and guests.


    The petanque section accommodates two types of playing standards: casual club play to international level. We have created an open and welcoming atmosphere for this area to make it look more inviting to our guests. This area is available to be used at any time, may it be day or night.


    The Rod and Gun section is made up of a group of like minded club members, who are interested in fishing and shooting and the outdoors in general. Regular activities take place throughout the year. These include clay target and smallbore shooting, sea fishing trips, trout fishing competitions, fishing week-ends away, staying at our club house in Twizel, day trips to local lakes and rivers.

    A social night and dinner are also held at the Club once a year.

    We have regular meetings at the Club on the third Monday of each month. 7-30 PM start time.

    If you are interested in joining this active section contact: Peter Keeman P/H 0274799090, or drop a note in our club box and we will contact you.

    Ladies Outdoor Bowls

    In times where our outdoor bowling section is not used for competition, anyone is welcome to play and spend quality time with family and girl friends. We have equipped this section with balls and any other equipment needed for all the ladies to have fun and try their hand at bowling.