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Peter Beck
Phone: 614 8832


Overnight trips to Sawdon Station - Lake Tekapo, Winterslow Station - Canterbury and Glenmac Station - Kurow are some of the trips coming up in the future.
Keep an eye on the board at the club so you don't miss out.

Trip Reports
Got any photos of recent trips you have been on? Send them into me for inclusion in the newsletter – PLEASE!! Or alternately post them on our Facebook page Timaru Town & Country Club, 4WD Section.
Go to our page to check out Wayne Bensons new pics!!

Timaru Town & Country Club 4WD Section Rules
Safety of persons must come before all else.

AII vehicles and drivers must comply with Ministry of Transport & regulations.

Trip Leader is in control of the activity.

Trip Leader is to be notified if members wish to leave activity prior to its completion.

All vehicles must have a minimum of third party insurance to cover Public Liability.

Passengers are to be instructed by drivers (members) of Section Safety Rules.

All vehicles must be fitted with both front and rear towing points. (Tow balls do not comply).

All vehicles must carry the following: recovery strap or rope, shovel, first aid kit, fire extinguisher & spark arrester.

All rubbish, (bottles, cans etc) must be disposed of correctly i.e. taken home.

Avoid all unnecessary damage to tracks, crops or property.

Gates: The vehicle immediately following Trip Leader's shall be responsible for the closure of the gate that has been opened, unless told otherwise.

No fire arms are to be taken on activities without permission of the Trip Leader.

Dogs, if allowed by the Trip Leader, must be kept under control, and restrained, at all times.

Unless involved in the recovery, all persons must remain clear of any strained ropes or winch wires during a recovery.

Every trip will incur a land fee minimum of $5.00 per vehicle.

All vehicles will be scrutinised prior to trip departing.

Keep visual contact with the vehicle behind at all times.

Only one vehicle to be in an obstacle at a time. Space must be left for safe entry and exit of that vehicle.

Driver's cannot consume alcohol during the course of the activity, and passengers cannot consume alcohol until after midday

Failure to comply with these rules could result in being asked to leave the activity.


President: Ally Wroblenski Secretary: Raelene McLean Treasurer: Hamish McLean
Ph: 027 687 6711 Ph: 03 688 0226 Ph: 027 486 2069

We are a social club founded around motorcycles and established to help like-minded people share their experiences of riding and trips with each other.

We generally focus on road riding however many of our members also ride off-road.
We welcome all type of rides and riders.

We hold meetings at the Club once a month on a Sunday at 10:30am followed by a ride (the length and direction varies dependent on time of year and weather) as well as other rides during the summer.
We also hold several overnight trips each summer and some members group together for longer trips when they can.

Anyone interested in our club is welcome to join us for a meeting and-or ride.

Ride Safe..........

Go Karting

Terry Armstrong
Phone: 686 2342 or Cell: 0211337175