Members Winning Wall


We have prepared an impressive line-up of prizes for our members. To join and win, all they have to do is buy any one of the products listed below, swipe their membership card and drop their receipt into the entry box with their name and membership number already on it.  

If their name is drawn from the Winning Wall Box, they get the chance to pick a bag number from the Members Winning Wall.  Every bag awards a prize, the list of prizes is stated below and the prize list changes regularly.

·    DB Draught

·    Barrell 51

·    Tui Draught

·    Export Gold

·    Export 33

·    Any white or red bottled wine

·    Tui Dark

·    Club Draught

·    Monteiths Cider

.    Monteiths Beer Range

·    Amstel Lite

·    Cider on Tap

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