Indoor Adjuncts

Darts - Table Tennis - Karate - Indoor Bowls & Pool


Laurence Hardy
Phone: 688 3559

Table Tennis

Roger Bennett
Phone: 688 1299


Mark Doudle
Phone: 027 453 8341

Indoor Bowls

Adjunct/Section President: James Blissett
Phone: 0272886992

Pool (8 Ball)

Teresa Beswarick
Phone: 686 1910

The Pool Section is a very active section within the TTCC.
It participates in the local South Canterbury pool tournaments and has tended to dominate the competition results at all levels. It is the only local club to compete in all the National CNZ events on a regular basis.

On Monday nights the club has its regular Club night where new members are welcome to attend and get a taste for what the club offers by way of coaching and competition to foster interest in the sport.

While having very good players in its ranks the Club also has social members who just want to do what they can as best they can in enjoying the game of pool. The Club has three or four teams participating in the weekly South Canterbury 8 Ball competitions on Wednesday nights.